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Bifold Doors in Banstead, Reigate, Oxted
and the Surrounding Areas

If you’re finding your interior space darkened by small windows or your patio door style is no longer fashionable, LGR & Glazing offers an elegant solution in the form of bifold and sliding doors. Both are accompanied by a number of advantages and will brighten up any interior. If you’re based in Banstead, Reigate, Sevenoaks, Oxted or any of the surrounding areas, then contact us on 01737 248182 or 07730 555572 and discover how bifold doors can make a significant difference to your southeast home.


The Advantages of Bifold Doors

There are a number of reasons why homeowners choose to have bifold doors installed rather than opting for larger windows, patio or French doors. We look at the most well-known ones here:


Opening up bifold doors to their full width is the equivalent of removing an entire wall. There are no vertical frames in the way or supporting columns blocking your view. All you have is a seamless continuation of the interior, flowing out into the garden or patio area, and uniting both inside and out in one luxurious motion with 90% clearance. 

Bifold doors encourage natural living, opening up internal spaces and filling them with fresh air whilst allowing you to swiftly move from the interior to the outside areas. For young children, pets, elderly or disabled members of the household, the track upon which they operate is flush to the ground, omitting potential tripping hazards as well. 


LGR & Glazing specialises in the installation of 2-panel to 8-panel Cortizo, Schüco, and SMART Heritage bifold doors, each offering its own advantages which our professional glaziers and fitters will happily discuss so you can make an informed choice. 

  • Cortizo bifolds are known for their powder-coated colour finish which allows homeowners in Banstead, Reigate and Oxted to blend their new doors with the property’s current colour scheme.

  • Schüco doors combine slimmer frames with larger panel sizes for maximum light. Their roller system also offers clients the opportunity to have taller doors installed, up to 3.5 metres (11½ feet).

  • SMART bifold doors are suitable for both residential and commercial properties in the southeast, such as bars and restaurants, with a range of practical and aesthetic features to suit all environments.

With innovative designs and the vast improvement in home technology, LGR & Glazing can also install remote control bifold doors which automatically lock at the touch of a button. 


If you’re having existing bifold doors removed from your property in Banstead, Reigate, Oxted, Sevenoaks, or the surrounding areas, our team will dispose of them in a careful and responsible manner. Alternatively, we will carry out minor brickwork removal, along with existing windows and doors. We also work closely with a team who carries out structural alterations on our behalf, i.e. the removal of larger brickwork areas and installation of rolled steel joints (RSJs) to ensure the integrity of your property.

LGR & Glazing’s bifold doors are available in double- and triple-glazing, guaranteeing a comfortable ambience over the winter months whilst inviting the warmer climates indoors when summer arrives. 

Call 01737 248182 or 07730 555572 to find out more about bifold doors for domestic and commercial properties in Banstead, Reigate, Oxted and the surrounding areas we cover. 
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