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Skylight Installation and Glass Roofing in Oxted
The Benefits of Self-Cleaning Glass

With the busy lifestyles most of us lead these days, cleaning your windows is way down on the list of priorities when it comes to weekend housework. If you’ve just invested in various property refurbishments, however, such as glass roofing, skylight installation, double glazing, bifold doors, or sliding doors, no doubt you want to keep them looking their best. The British weather doesn’t help, and neither do passing birds. But there is a solution, one that takes away the streaks and stains without costing you a minute of cleaning time. 

Here the team at LGR & Glazing looks at the benefits of self-cleaning glass. A leading name in window and door installations throughout Oxted and the surrounds, our testimonials speak for themselves. 


How Does it Work?

Hydrophobic and hydrophilic forms of self-cleaning glass both work by releasing water droplets down the panes, although the hydrophilic method also includes properties which will chemically break down additional dirt particles. With its titanium dioxide coating, the glass reacts to UV rays, so organic dirt can be removed via natural rainwater. In drier weather, a quick hose will remove the particles without scraping or rubbing.

Photocatalytic self-cleaning glass works in a similar way to the hydrophilic method. It also possesses an extra quality which makes it a more popular choice for homeowners in Oxted. A supplementary coating allows it to disperse rainwater evenly over the glass, so the liquid rolls off in sheet form rather than droplets. This reduces the number of streaks left behind when the weather improves and leaves the glass looking cleaner for longer. 

The Benefits of Self-Cleaning Glass

Whether you’re considering this option for your double glazing, bifold or sliding doors, talk to us first at LGR & Glazing as we’ll go through each of the following benefits with you:

  • Cleaner glass means less maintenance

  • The cleaning method is more environmentally friendly 

  • The self-cleaning coatings last as long as the windows 

  • Views are definitely improved 

Ideal for Glass Roofing and Skylight Installations

Self-cleaning glass makes sense where access to the panes is difficult or should be avoided completely. As a result, we’d recommend it for our glass roofing and skylights. Naturally, our professional glaziers at LGR & Glazing still advise you to take care of your new installations and wipe them down with a clean cloth occasionally. You just don’t have to do it as often as you would with standard panes. 

If you detest the thought of window cleaning, then it’s definitely worth considering self-cleaning glass for your double glazing, bifold doors and sliding doors as well. Instead of standing outside or climbing ladders to get your Oxted panes clear of streaks and organic matter, now you can just sit back and let the windows clean themselves whilst you enjoy a clear and unimpeded view. 

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