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Bifold and Sliding Doors in Reigate
The Different Types of Patio and External Doors Explained

Thinking of having new doors installed but don’t know which ones to choose? When you’re spending a considerable amount of money on property renovations and refurbishments, it’s important to make the right choice at the very beginning, weighing up the pros and cons of each option until you’re satisfied. Failure to do so could result in costly mistakes. 

Our team of glaziers and fitters at LGR & Glazing are more than happy to discuss each product we manufacture or supply in detail, so you’ll make an informed decision about our installations. Specialising in double glazing, skylight installations, glass roofing, bifold doors, and sliding doors, we’re a name you can trust in Reigate and the surrounding areas we cover. For further information about our services, why not contact us today and make an appointment? 


Which Doors Will Suit Your Property?

The most popular patio doors on the market are bifolds, sliding doors and French doors. Here we look at each one, and their different advantages:


These hinged doors fold like a concertina, tucking together as they open up to reveal a completely clear space without any framework affecting your view. Manufactured using uPVC, timber or aluminium, bifolds are one of LGR & Glazing’s most popular installations in Reigate. 

If you’re looking for an opportunity to combine both indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as increase the amount of natural ventilation in your home or premises, then we recommend our collection of bifold doors. 

Hinged and Sliding Patio Doors

Whether hinged or sliding doors, they are so-called because they allow access directly onto your patio, decking or garden areas. Their glass panels can be constructed to suit the rest of your windows and doors, creating a uniform look throughout the property. 

Patio doors are still aesthetically pleasing yet don’t provide the amount of space offered by bifolds. As hinged doors, they can’t open as far as their sliding or folding counterparts, but they still provide the same protection as double glazing. 

French Doors

From contemporary to classic, there’s a style of French door to suit all property styles in Reigate, whether new or period. These are a hinged variety of patio doors which open outwards in order to provide access to external spaces and balconies.

As with all bifolds, sliding doors and patio options, they offer more ventilation than windows and a wealth of natural light. As they swing outwards, however, they do take up a little more space which is worth considering before installation. 

Regardless of the type of property you have, LGR & Glazing’s range of space-creating doors is designed to complement all property layouts and aesthetics. Add to that our glass roofing, skylight installations, and double-glazing windows and you’ll have a comfortable and stylish Reigate home with a boosted market value. 

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