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What Causes Condensation to Form on the Outside of Your Windows?

Are you experiencing condensation on your windows? Or any other problems such as sticky openings, or misty shadows appearing within the double glazing panes? If you don’t think your windows are working exactly the way they should, then you need to contact us at LGR & Glazing today. We manufacture, supply and fit a range of property-improving windows and doors including bifold doors, sliding doors, skylight installations, glass roofing, and double- and triple-glazing products. 

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Condensation on Your Windows Explained

There is nothing worse than opening your curtains in the morning only to be faced with condensation on the outside of your windows, particularly if you’ve recently upgraded your double glazing. Instantly you’re going to think the windows are not worth the money you’ve spent, or that you’ve been sold defective products. 

This is not the case. In fact, it’s a good sign. 

The process occurs when gas turns into a liquid. In other words, when water vapours in the air connect with a surface colder than they are. So, when the vapours hit your new panes of glass, they transform from gas into liquid. 

With the panes of glass in your windows remaining cold on the outside, it means heat is not escaping from within your property. Our double glazing installations are designed specifically to ensure no heat transfers to the exterior of the glass, keeping the temperature inside at an ambient level whilst ensuring the colder air stays exactly where it should, i.e. outside. 

So, the more condensation you see on the exterior of your property, the better your windows are performing. 

It is an inconvenience, albeit a visual one. You could, of course, go outside and wipe the excess liquid off but that’s not a practical option in colder weather conditions. Self-cleaning options are probably worth considering if you’re planning to upgrade your windows in the near future. Luckily the issue doesn’t occur all year round, just in the chillier months. 

If, however, the condensation is forming on the inside of your windows, then it’s really time to have them replaced as they’re no longer working as they should. 

If you are considering having your current windows changed, contact our professional team of glaziers and fitters at LGR & Glazing. Serving domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Oxted and the surrounding areas, we’re your go-to for double glazing, skylight installation, glass roofing, bifold doors and sliding doors. We offer a 2-year workmanship guarantee on all services, along with a 5-year warranty on glass. 

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