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Skylight Installation in Reigate, Sevenoaks
and the Surrounding Areas

If you’re considering a garage conversion but are put off by the fact you can’t install standard windows due to the structure’s position, have you thought about having skylights or roof lanterns fitted instead? Offering vertical illumination rather than horizontal, these installations provide significantly more internal light as the natural rays are not hindered by walls and other external obstacles. 

Specialists in skylight installation and glass roofing, LGR & Glazing can supply and fit a range of Korniche skylights to suit your property’s flat roof in Reigate, Sevenoaks, Oxted, Banstead or any of the surrounding areas in the southeast. If preferred, we can design and manufacture bespoke installations instead.

 Adding instant style and value, they also boast the following advantages:

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Access to the Roof

  • Better Privacy

  • No Planning Permission


Energy Efficiency

With more natural light flooding the interior of your home or premises, there’s less demand for artificial means. As a result, you won’t find yourself reaching for the light switch as often. Similar to our double glazing’s advantages, fewer energy bills mean you’ll find yourself with a faster return on your investment.

Roof Access

Our skylight installations are available with openings so clients can easily access their flat roofs in Reigate or Sevenoaks. Whether it’s for routine maintenance, essential repairs, or a spot of green roof therapy, all openings are thoroughly checked prior to fitting and are secured with reliable and hardwearing locking mechanisms. 


Have you noticed passers-by constantly looking straight into your property? Are you a victim of nosey neighbours? If so, LGR & Glazing’s skylight installations are an ideal solution. Where you would have previously pulled down your blinds or closed curtains during the day, now you don’t have to sacrifice natural light in order to retain your privacy.


Roof lanterns or skylight installations rarely require planning permission, making them a quick and effective solution to poor lighting. We do recommend checking in advance, however, particularly with roof lanterns. We can also confirm if your roof is structurally strong enough to support the new skylight or lantern and advise you accordingly.

Did You Know?

Our rooflight, lantern and skylight installations are actually good for your health? On a clear winter’s night, you’ll be able to see the stars without standing outside in the cold. Although you can’t absorb vitamin D through glass, you can benefit from the sun’s rays flooding the interior of your property and lightening your mood.

Our Professional Services

LGR & Glazing can manufacture skylights, rooflights and lanterns to suit any flat roofed property in Reigate, Sevenoaks, Oxted, Banstead and the surrounding areas. Alternatively, we offer an installation-only service, fitting a range of Korniche products instead. Whichever you choose, we provide a 2-year workmanship guarantee, and a 5-year glass warranty, along with the following:

  • Aluminium Components

  • Exceptionally Strong Glass Panes

  • Minimal Fittings on Display

  • Narrow Sightlines for Improved Views

  • Reduced Heat Transfer

  • Stunning Designs

If you’re looking for a dependable company to carry out your skylight installation in Reigate, Sevenoaks or any of the surrounding southeast areas, call us on 01737 248182 or 07730 555572 today. 
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